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“The Authentic Learning Lab is our fix to the broken education system.

 Nicholas J. Martino, Founder

We are a team of dynamic educators that joined forces to revolutionize education. We personalize and support student-designed learning programs to empower the creators of tomorrow.


Enjoy an education that is…



We develop key 21st century skills to make technology work for us. The majority of our work will develop digital collaboration and project management skills. 


We are a network of learners, entrepreneurs, creatives, and do-gooders. Link up with our global community on projects, ask for advice, or socialize through our global events.


Every student-designed project is created with real-world outcomes. Start a business, develop a skill, or prepare to ace an admissions test.

“Our mentors believe in holistic education and incorporate social-emotional learning (SEL), character education, & future planning into all programs.”


ALL Futures

ALL Futures projects allow you to find your own solutions to real-world problems in your hometown. They range in topic and depth and are facilitated by certified Authentic Educators TM. In small group video calls, all learners share updates, successes, and failures about the project research, implementation, and outcomes. 

  • Do You Feel like you are not growing in school? 
  • Want to take control of your learning?
  • Want to do, learn, and be more?

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