A-Lab's Global Fellowships

We want to invite motivated people from all walks of life to benefit and be a part of our programs. We seek those who have a broad range of interests, love of learning, and a desire to make a positive dent in our world

Conduct your own fieldwork, analysis, and transform that knowledge and experience into the field of your choosing. Compete for funding and pitch to experts in the field. 

The A-Lab Fellowship is not for everyone. In your application be sure to highlight how you will be able to maintain the heavy amount of work needed to successfully complete an A-Lab Fellowship.

Fellowship Cadres usually consist of 12-15 global scholar-activists who collaborate together for networking, support, critique, and co-learning. We currently have openings for 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month options. 


A-Lab Scholar fellows

This 3-month Fellowship allows learners to explore the Sustainable Development Goals and understand the local and global implications of them. Your investigation starts with building out your project networking and linking with experts.

A-Lab Scholar-Activist fellows

This 6 month Fellowship allows digital learners to apply their prototypes in the field for longer periods to gain quantitative and qualitative data. Each Fellow will conduct a series of recorded interviews with industry experts and apply feedback to design the ultimate prototype.

Agent of Change Fellows

This 12-month Fellowship provides the most flexibility with time and project development, iterations, and community interactions, field experiences, and project outcomes. In the end, Agent of Change Fellows are equipped learners with the tools they need to thrive in our 21C world.


Luis , Mexico city

Luis is a second-year student at NYU Abu Dhabi, majoring in Economics with minors in Political Science and Applied Mathematics. He is working for the Mexican Embassy in Abu Dhabi and for the think-tank Hedayah, while continuing to explore his passion for Mexico… even while being 14 thousand kilometers away.  Luis is most interested in Mexican politics, history and economics, and enjoys being a tourist within his home country. The Mexican Race has been in development by Luis and his team since before they even knew it; during long walks in the city, coffee talks by museums and on conversations whooshing by on the Mexico City metro. Luis and his friends want to see the full educational and technological capabilities of their city be exploited, and hope to inspire more young people to get out and learn.



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